Money Saving Tips for Buying Tyres in Sydney

It can start with a simple test—if you can stick a coin in the tread of your tyre and have the top of the head showing, it may be time to buy new tyres Sydney. Time’s passage, as well as damage, can also indicate a need for new tyres. They aren’t cheap—it can cost $800 or more for a full set—but most shoppers don’t do any research before they buy. If it’s time to buy new tyres and mag wheels Perth, follow these money-saving tips.

Money Saving Tips for Buying Tyres

  • Size them correctly. Tyre sizes are listed on sidewalls, and replacement tyres should match what’s indicated on the sticker that’s on the driver’s doorjamb or in the operator’s manual—not what’s currently installed.
  • Age is important, even if tyres are “new”. Tyres deteriorate over the years, and they can rot even faster in hot climates. Tyres should be replaced every six years, regardless of their physical condition. Some sellers carry old tyres, and you should refer to the “age code” to ensure that your set isn’t past its prime.
  • Learn tyre lingo. “All season” tyres are good enough for most cars, but many people think that high performance tyres come with additional benefits. Here, “high performance” means improved handling, not longer life. In fact, high performance tyres typically wear out faster than all season tyres do.
  • Reconsider the warranty. Tyre makers often claim mileage warranties of up to 80,000 miles, depending on type. However, most drivers don’t get that much mileage out of a set of tyres. When buying, read the warranty carefully; if tyres wear prematurely, you’ll get a pro-rated credit for replacements, and you’ll have to show service records to get warranty service.
  • Know how to find a bargain. Tyres can be expensive, but discounts may be available. Websites selling tyres Sydney or mag wheels Perth can offer prices that are lower than those of local dealers in many cases. You’ll probably do better asking for a discount not on the tyres themselves, but on rotations, oil changes and installation. If you’re getting them shipped to an installer, the shop may offer discounts on other services as part of a tyre purchase.

Tyres are expensive, but not having the right set of tyres can really be costly in terms of additional vehicle wear and tear. By learning how to buy tyres online and by carefully considering your options, you can find the right set of tyres and mag wheels Perth with very little effort.