5 Tips for Selecting Cheap Tyres and Wheels and Tyres Packages

This might sound too monotonous to you, but what I am about to say is critical enough to be repeated. The tyres of your vehicle are the one and only link between the vehicle and the road surface.

Reflect on that for a moment – You might have a powerful engine, classy transmission, most updated super-slick suspensions and every other automotive augmentation known to humans, but all this is worth nothing, if your wheels and tyres are below standard. That is why I keep stressing that it is important to select the right wheels and tyres packages for your vehicle. Even though, you might get a ton of cheap tyres offers in the market, it is important to weigh your odd, before thinning your wallet.


It’s quite an amazing fact that while shady tyres can pull a great car down, great wheels and tyres packages can transform the performance of a not-so-fantastic car. To put it simply, technology seems to keep getting better and better and there are some instances where the tyre technology is way ahead of many of the cars that your spot on the roads.

The same technology that can be used to make fantastic wheels and tyres packages can also be used to make the subject quite intimidating. Here is a list of things that you should think about when you want to purchase cheap tyres or Wheels and Tyres Packages.


  • Tread Life Considerations: A tyres wear rating in most cases is done through the manufacturer testing, and may not be the most accurate representation of the standard life expectancy of a tyre. So for example if a Tyre Wear Rating states 40,000 Kilometers, you should bear in mind that the Tyre Rating is based on the Control Tyre, not individual tyres.
  • Wet Weather Requirements: Extreme temperatureis a factor in Australia most of the time, therefore you should check for a wet-weather capable tyre. If you are planning to take your ride through the snowy-winter months. It is a good idea to select at least an all-season compatible tyre, if not an all-out snow tyre.
  • Speed Rating: Speed ratings of a tyre signify its top speed in ideal road and weather conditions. If you are looking to drive around the streets, then a V-rated tyre will be more than enough for your requirements.
  • Ride Quality: Bear in mind that low-profile tyres such as a 50 or a 40 series are harsh over potholes and bumps. Low profile tyres also expose the wheel to damage, but lower profile tyres have stiffer sidewalls. In the end, you must compromise one feature to get the other feature and there is no tyre that gives you everything.
  • Noisiness: You will find that noisiness differs greatly between tyres and wheels packages from different manufacturers. If you are planning to drive around the city most of the time, then this won’t be an issue, but if you are planning to drive more on the off-road or Highways, then you must take the noisiness factor into consideration.